The Following is an extract from my book. “Messages From Heaven”

Welcome Dear Ones, we come as always, your Brothers in the light

Gratitude is the giving thanks for all that you have created within your life.  For as you look around your life you can be grateful for all that you have created, whether you perceive it as positive or negative.  Be grateful that you have around you the perfect environment in which to learn and grow, and shine your light, for that is your purpose dear ones

As you bring forth your great-full-ness presence you will find your life transforming rapidly, for in each and every moment that you are great-full, you bring ever more light to the situation, and as you know, light increases both clarity and frequency.  As the light of your consciousness unfolds, you will find yourself seeing things with new eyes and as you real-eyes, your true self, you real-eyes also the true self of others.  You lift yourself with your great-full-ness and real-eyes-ation, above the duality and illusion of separation, into a state of unity consciousness, a place of peace, where all is unfolding perfectly within and without.  It is with the grace of thanksgiving and gratitude that you encourage others to be all that they can be and that you invite and indeed create a harmonious and co-operative world.  For to give is to receive and so as you give thanks and show your gratitude and appreciation, you too will feel the great-full-ness that is within you at all times.  Your world my friends, is simply a reflection of that which is within you, and as you appreciate your world, so you endow it with love, acceptance, and understanding. Imagine that! A world full of love, acceptance and understanding, imagine the gifts that would present for the world

We invite you now to take a moment to experience this great-fullness within.

Exercise: Gratitude

Close your eyes and be aware of your breath, the in and the out breath as they breathe through you.  Allow your breath to deepen and feel your consciousness expanding as it does, take another deep breath and just drop your awareness down into your heart, and remember all those that have helped you in some way, those who have lifted you when you were down, those that have comforted you or restored your faith at some point.  Remember also those that have challenged you in some way, for they too have gifted you with their presence.  Be great full and give thanks for all that you have experienced.  Give thanks to your great-full-ness for constantly guiding you upon your path, through your thoughts and feelings.  Give thanks for the presence that you are, both for your self and others.

For the world would be a very different place indeed without you.  Feel the expansion of your heart as you real-eyes the gifts which you have been presented with, and the gifts that you have within you to share.  Know that as you become more present within yourself, you invite more presence within your world.  This is the natural law of attraction and it never fails to operate. Now bring your great-full-ness ever more present into your waking consciousness.

Be the peace, be the love, be the joy, be the great-full-ness that you are dear ones for this is what you came here to be.  Real eyes and remember who you are.  You are beings of light, you are masters of reality, co-creators.  Hold the most amazing vision as you real-eyes your potential. Create your most magnificent life as you journey through your life sharing your gifts with your brothers and sisters

Though we depart at this time, we are with you, always and forever, your brothers and sisters in the light.

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