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I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks with Theta Healing Training and it’s amazing the unconscious blocks and beliefs that have come up from therapists, and coaches.  I know a lot of you are therapists, healers and coaches and so I wanted to share with you a little more about the Sacred Money Archetypes and how they clear your unconscious blocks


In the Sacred Money Archetypes Programme you’ll discover your primary, and secondary archetypes and your shadow archetype.


Each archetype has it’s own Sacred Financial Purpose, Gifts and Challenges.


Your primary archetype identifies your sacred money contract and financial purpose.


The other two archetypes gifts help support and strengthen the challenges of your primary archetype.


Your lowest archetypes is your Shadow Archetype this is the one that offers you perhaps the biggest opportunity for a breakthrough. This is the one that you need to strengthen and heal.


Healers, Therapists, and Coaches often have the Nurturer in the top 3 archetypes, so let me tell you about the nurturer.


SMA Nurturer

The Nurturer loves to give, they have a huge heart and are focused more on helping and empowering others than they are looking after themselves. They have trouble with boundaries and saying NO.  They often undercharge, give away their time and money, they can end up resentful and burnt out.  The nurturer needs support for themselves, so that they can support others.



The Celebrity is vital for helping us stand out and be seen and heard. It’s the part that loves attention.  Now often this is a big issue for women. Time and time again I see women who are afraid to stand out, be heard, be seen.  There is an underlying fear of not being good enough.  Often there are fears around what people will think, say and do.  When you strengthen the celebrity you are able to stand out and be noticed, to attract more of your ideal clients, to reach more people and make a bigger difference.



The Alchemist is an idea generator, they are full of great ideas and visions, the challenge for them is knowing which one to ground. They can be unfocused, scattered in energy. What’s needed here is focus, and grounding. The Alchemists true purpose is to transform those ideas into money!


The Accumulator is a whiz with money, but is often reluctant to spend.  Imagine how much more you could achieve when you invest in yourself and your business, so you can create the freedom you truly desire!   Investing can mean time, energy, money, essentially this is about investing in yourself as you are your greatest asset!  Remember you’re worth, and avoid the feelings of guilt, distrust or doubt when you’re investing, these are just unconscious limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your worth and wealth!

Do you recognise yourself in any of these archetypes? If you’d like to align your Sacred Purpose and Your Financial Destiny, and discover more about the Sacred Money Archetypes,  Download The Free Sacred Money Archetypes Training and check out the Sacred Money Archetypes Programme 

The Romantic, The Maverick, The Connector and The Ruler

Discover More About The Romantic, The Maverick, The Connector and the Ruler, Check out the next blog post in this series where I’ll be sharing more of the archetypes with you. HERE


Sacred Money Archetypes

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