I am Elijah. I come to you this day as a guide, to communicate with you the gift and vibrational attunement of prophecy. As always to receive this gift you must first accept.  So let us talk more then of what prophecy is, so that you might understand more what is being gifted and choose more consciously to receive and accept this blessing and gift of prophecy.


For many of you have the gift of seership and prophecy but through pain, shock and trauma have forbidden yourself to access and utilise these gifts.  It is time now dear one for you to reclaim that which is your birthright, that which was bestowed upon you as a gift and blessing, not a curse.


Many of you rejected your gift of prophecy following tragedies that you felt unable to stop. You have cursed God for giving you the gift of prophecy, because it caused you so much pain and you didn’t understand how to use this gift.


For some of you, you felt a burden of duty, a responsibility which was never yours. When you were unable to effect change, many of you closed down your senses and gifts, you turned away from prophecy, fearing that you would be considered crazy or ignored or worse still that some might blame your for the message that you delivered and the misfortune that followed.


Prophecy dear ones is a gift from God, it is an ability to go beyond time and space, to connect with the energy of creation and to see that which is becoming, that which is currently unfolding, it is not a gift for the chosen few, it is a gift for all, but it is a gift that requires a conscious connection with God, a connection with all that is.


These gifts were given to you, not to distress yourself or others but to awaken you to the ability to see the future that you are creating and to empower you to make changes.  To awaken you to your intuition and to your connection with creator and all that is.  For you are not alone, you are a part of all that is, and the universe wishes to support you at all times. When you allow yourself to consciously connect with God, with the universe and to trust your connection, to trust your intuition, you open up an ongoing dialogue and more conscious relationship with all that is. You may feel inspired, you may see visions, you may hear voices or be shown symbols, you may find yourself sensing more. Know that your intuitive gifts are a part of the pathway on the gift to prophecy and know dear ones that you are always co-creating your reality.  At every moment there is choice.


When you witness an event that disturbs you, we invite you to focus on love and as you witness that scene or event to send love to all that you see, and feel.  For so often you take on the suffering and become overwhelmed.  Call upon creator and ask how can I serve best?  What can be changed?  From the souls perspective everything is learning and even the most tragic of events bring great learning, great wisdom to those souls involved.


At times you will be guided to witness a bending of time.  At times you will witness healing of the land, of the people.  At time you will see that all is perfect unfoldment and that those souls that transition have chosen on a soul level to do so.  You may feel called to witness their gift to humanity as they bring global consciousness to new levels of love, kindness and compassion, thereby granting virtues for all those who witness their experience.


You are loved dear one, more than you could ever know and we gift you with these visions that you may create greater awareness in the world, that you may guide others to create change and harmony and divert their unconscious creations to something more joyful where possible.  Know however that whilst these tragedies appear to you from your earthly perspective, they are in fact all a part of life’s rich tapestry and every thread that is woven is a co-creation between all souls for the highest good of all.


All is Love Always in All Ways

Kimberley Lovell ©2015 Channelling “Elijah”

Master Theta Healer Instructor & Spiritual Business Mentor


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