Hello Sweet Heart today I want to share with you on a very deep level.   I’m all about deep transformation and the deepest transformation occurs when you transform your unconscious mind.  You see the deepest communication and learning takes place not on the conscious level, but on the unconscious level.
Your heart, your soul, your intuition speaks to you in symbols and images so you can leave your conscious mind at the gate today, because today I’m talking to your unconscious mind.  That part of you that is wise, that is intuitive, that is all knowing.  That part of you that holds your soul wisdom, your hearts soul guidance and that part of you knows no time and space, that holds all potential, all possibility, that part of you that is connected to all that is.  So join me as we dive deep into storyland, the home of the unconscious and allow yourself to connect with the magic and potential that is there in your heart and your unconscious mind and discover the gift, the golden key to your success.

Once in the wintertime when the snow was very deep, a poor girl had to go out and fetch wood on a sled. After she had gathered it together and loaded it, she did not want to go straight home, because she was so frozen, but instead to make a fire and warm herself a little first. So she scraped the snow away, and while she was thus clearing the ground she found a small golden key. Now she believed that where there was a key, there must also be a lock, so she dug in the ground and found a little iron chest. “If only the key fits!” she thought. “Certainly there are valuable things in the chest.” She looked, but there was no keyhole. Finally she found one, but so small that it could scarcely be seen. She tried the key, and fortunately it fitted. Then she turned it once, and now we must wait until she has finished unlocking it and has opened the lid. Then we shall find out what kind of wonderful things there were in the little chest.


And so it is my loves, the most valuable gifts are held within your heart and soul and only you have the key to unlock your gifts. You are a seed carrier, you have a purpose, but perhaps your seeds lie dormant and are yet to be germinated or perhaps they simply need a little nurturing. Now is your divine time. Who knows the infinite wisdom, opportunities and possibilities that will evolve when you allow yourself to journey deep into your heart and soul and allow your soul’s story, your soul’s message, your souls gifts to unfold. For love is a seed within your heart and as your love and consciousness grows so too will your business.


If you’re ready now to bring more heart and soul into your business and discover the gold within you.

If you want a powerful intuitive coach with a golden key to help you unlock your gifts.

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What would it be like when you:

resolve any unconscious internal conflict                    free yourself from unconscious sabotage                        move through your invisible blocks and glass ceilings, unleash your purpose, passion, power and prosperity unlock your soul’s genius and discover client’s true potential                                                                      create the soul-aligned impact and income you desire

I’d love to support you.

If you’re ready to transform your life and business now, and work with an intuitive transformational coach who will guide you to unlock your very own secret treasure chest, let me know where you’re at, where you want to be, what your challenges are and what support you’re looking for right now.





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