I’m sharing more about the Sacred Money Archetypes, and their strengths, gifts and challenges. I wonder if you can spot yourself in here somewhere? Each of the archetypes can make money, they all have different drivers and motivations and different ways they make money. On the Sacred Money Archetypes training you will discover your Financial Purpose, and learn how to overcome the challenges and transform the patterns by aligning your archetypes with your dreams.




You know how to use money to enjoy your life, and often spend it because you feel you deserve it or you want to indulge the people you care about. But spending can be a cover-up to avoid feelings of emptiness, an absence of love or a lack of feeling valued and acknowledged. And the thought of not buying something you want can cause feelings of resistance or defiance. Yes, life is to be enjoyed but not if the expense of it distracts you from creating wholeness and self-worth from the inside out. Why not focus your considerable energy on creating meaning and worth in your life, beyond which money can’t buy?


Your creativity when it comes to generating money is amazing. But balance isn’t something you often value or find exciting, which can lead you into situation of creating extreme financial highs and lows. Ironically by focusing your energy and talents on creating sustainable income, you’ll achieve the rich success you crave. Why not use your courage and cleverness to generate consistent income? The payoff will be a financial foundation that frees you to play with new and exciting opportunities.



You faith and optimism that money will always be available keeps you from feeling much, if any, financial stress. Yet this same innocent quality that believing you’ll always be taken care of an cause you to lack financial independence or blindly trust the handling of financial details to others. Your lack of concern about money can cause you to be taken advantage of financially or keep you from creating wealth, yet this is likely not something you often think about. Since money is an important aspect of empowering yourself, why not focus a portion of your energy on education yourself and taking care of your life’s basic financial needs? The payoff will be a deepening of your self-respect and self-worth.


Your drive to create makes you an unstoppable, passionate force for making a big impact and significant income. For you, money measures your level of achievement and accomplishment. While outwardly admired for your successes, the danger is in measuring your inner sense of value by your bank balance. While outwardly successful, fear is often your driving force. Since you a re natural leading, accomplishing and innovating why not challenge yourself to focus your ambitious nature on the soul work of finding your highest and trust source of self-worth?

Did you spot yourself there at all? We all have a little of each archetype within us, but once you know how to discover and align your archetypes with your purpose, you’ll have the clarity, focus and direction you need to live your dreams and get the results you desire.On the Sacred Money Archetypes training, you’ll receive all that you need to allow you to harness the power of the Sacred Money Archetypes in your life and your business.

The Alchemist, The Nurturer, The Celebrity and The Accumulator

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Check out the next blog in this sequence where I’ll be sharing more about how each archetype rules a specific area of business and why working with the archetypes will transform your business.


Sacred Money Archetypes

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