In this article I want to share with you how each of the archetypes have natural gifts and talents that enable them to focus on a specific area of your business.

Each of the Archetypes are responsible for a different aspect of business. Here are the eight areas of your business and which aspect of business is run by which archetype.

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In business we are often juggling the many different aspects and attempting to wear all hats. The great thing about working with the Sacred Money Archetypes is learning how to apply them in your business and how to connect with these archetypes even if they’re not a part of your unique gifts and talents.


When you know what your Sacred Money Archetypes are you can focus on living in your genius zone so you’re playing to your strengths and bring in others to support you.

You can also learn how to call in and connect with all of the archetypes.

Working with the Sacred Money Archetypes will support you in hiring and managing your dream team, in fact many business owners use the sacred money archetypes as a recruitment tool.

The Sacred Money Archetypes is an amazing system to support you both in your personal life and in business.  To find out how you can discover your Sacred Money Archetypes and align your Spiritual and Financial Destiny, drop me an email.






Sacred Money Archetypes

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