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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do to market your business?

Do you struggle at times to create all of the content that you need to create in your business?

I mean there is so much to do right?

There’s the actual wonderful content that you love to share with people, the stuff that you teach, the processes, tools, strategies and philosophy and then there’s also the marketing, articles, newsletters, social media, tweets, launches, promo materials, etc.

I’m on fire this morning with content creation, I’ve amazed myself, so thought that I would share with you.


It’s time to get your Divine Creative Flow happening!


7 Blog Posts, Articles and 7 Days of Challenges done in 90 minutes!


That’s right! I’ve just spent 90mins and created 1 report, 6 blog posts/articles and 6 days of challenge from repurposing and tweaking a 1 hour interview that I did last week.

I’m so happy to have found my content creation groove and have been full of inspiration for other stuff as I was tweaking too.

How does it get any better than this?

So I wanted to share with you my secret and how I managed to get so much done this morning, in such a short space of time, because truly this little secret is simply but so under utilised and it’s key to creating a life and business with more grace and ease.

I love to speak and share, it’s one of my gifts and a great way for me to leverage my time and communicate and market globally. So it’s not surprise that it’s top on my list of marketing strategies, in fact it’s one of my intentions to share more and more.

When we share freely it allows us to build our list, to build relationships with people and also to position ourselves as someone worth listening to or following.

It’s a great way to establish your platform and hence montetize your magic when used correctly.

I’m a regular teleseminar speaker and radio show guest, I speak on money, spirituality, consciousness, mindset, energy, spiritual business.

I usually try and speak on at least two teleseminars, summits or radio shows as well as do my own teleseminars for my community.

I’ve had great results from this and this is one of the ways that I magically attract my clients into my high end programmes.  In fact I often end up working with the people who have invited me to speak for them, which is great!

But here’s the thing. I haven’t always fully utilised this work.

I’ve been reviewing my own productivity goals and processes as my soul is calling me to reach out and serve more and more people.

Last week I did an hour interview where I spoke on how to

Build Your List,  Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients, Monetize Your Magic  & Have Your Best Year Ever With Grace & Ease

I shared lots of amazing content and tips.  I always aim to over-deliver in most everything I do.  Now sometimes I do interviews off the cuff and sometimes I have a script because when I’m teaching I tend to record the teleseminar and use the written transcript as part of the teaching materials alongside the mp3.


TIP: Always record and save your materials in a folder where you can find them so you can repurpose them later.

So, for this interview I decided to write a script. I usually end up ad-libbing on these interviews anyway or get asked a question and go off on a tangent.  I decided that following the interview, I would create a free report and offer this to people who signed up for my free gift, so they could follow through on the challenge that I set for them.

I created a 15 page report by simply copying the report into another document and adding my branding.  I then created another document and realised that within the report I had shared so much content that I could create 7 blog posts or articles from it, so I split it into separate articles/blog posts.  These posts can and will be abbreviated or tweaked to be used in a daily challenge, this is something that I’ve been recently looking to create for my community and for listbuilding purposes.

I also realised that it was valuable information that will go into a book, so now I’ve decided to collate and archive all of my content material in one place, so that I can re-purpose it and the reason that I’m sharing this with you.  You can do the same.  Simply follow the steps that I outlined.

 #1: Create content.

#2: Record it.

#3: Repurpose it as;


  • Audio
  • Transcript Pdf
  • Blog Post
  • Article
  • Book or Programme Content
  • Sales copy
  • Promo material
  • Video script or transcript
  • Handout
  • Worksheet
  • Checklist


Of course if you want to get really clever with your time, you’ll also want to outsource some of this to your Virtual Assistant. Strategy and vision need to come from you, but the actual practical work can easily be outsourced once you know what you want to do with it.

In this instance today I actually did the work myself. I often send my VA documents though to be branded and formatted.

I hope that gives you some ideas and helps you look at how you can structure your time and be more productive by leveraging and re-purposing all that you do.

Do check out my other time management articles here and please leave a comment and let me know what action you’re taking from reading this blog post and any other tips you have or use for re-purposing your work.

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