Live Online Quantum Hypnotherapy Training

(4 Days Live Training, 3 Months Supervision)



Do you have a love for all things spiritual?

Are you fascinated with the Souls Journey?

Are you a healer, therapist, coach, psychic,  counsellor, psychologist, social worker, or clinical hypnotherapist looking to train in Past Life Regression?

This live online Quantum Hypnotherapy training includes training in; Past Life Regression, Lives Between Lives, Future Lives, Spirit Release and Healing With the Subconscious, giving you a variety of applications to be able to support your clients personal, professional and spiritual development. This past life regression training is similar to QHHT, but unlike QHHT training where you can’t work with clients online, this Quantum Hypnotherapy Training allows you to work with clients in person or online.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a spiritual and integrative model and this appraoch is a powerful tool for rapid access of your client’s deep unconscious blocks, stories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours and patterns impacting all areas of their lives.

You will learn how to help your clients with their health and well-being as you work with the client’s Higher Self and Healing Team for powerful healing. Utilising hypnotherapy  you can support your clients not only in their personal and professional life, but in their spiritual life by accessing their Soul’s Journey and thus connecting them with valuable internal spiritual resources and supporting their spiritual ascension process.


Quantum Hypnotherapy Course Syllabus



WHAT YOU WILL LEARN If  you are looking to learn hypnotherapy, our Spiritual Hypnotherapy Training teaches the application of Hypnotherapy in a holistic, spiritually based manner, allowing for the integration of all aspects of the personality through Body/Mind/Spirit/Emotions. You will learn how to facilitate the application of Spiritual principles in client’s lives using the most sophisticated and useful Hypnotic, Body Alignment, and Soul Work techniques.


4 Day Online Zoom Classroom/Personal Tuition Practical Student Client/Practitioner Work.  Access to Quantum Hypnotherapy Library with over 30+ hours of Hypnotherapy Video and Audio and Transcripts demonstrating the various aspects of Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Future Lives. Healing With The Subconscious. All students will receive professional superivsion throughout the duration of the course and for up to 3 months whilst completing their case studies.

ASSESSMENT By continual assessment of course work, personal and written assessment case studies and/or examination.

Course Curriculum

Foundation in Hypnotherapy


INTRODUCTION TO HYPNOSIS – What is Hypnosis?  The Conscious and the Unconscious, Imagination and the Right Brain, Functions of Hypnosis, Forms of Hypnotherapy, Holistic Hypnotherapy

THE HISTORY OF HYPNOSIS –  Shamanic Healing & Ceremony, Modern Medical Hypnosis, Modern Psychotherapeutic Hypnosis

TRANCE INTRODUCTION  – Levels of Trance, Forms of Induction, Methods of Induction, Deepening the Trance, Ending the Trance

DIRECT & INDIRECT SUGGESTION  –Setting Realistic Goals, Keys to Effective Suggestion, Anchoring, Establishing Rapport, Pre-Induction Interview.  Ideomotor Questioning, Silent Process

CLIENT ASSESSMENT AND INTERVIEW – Legal and Ethical Issues, Practice Suggestions, The Interview, Safety, Referrals, Client-Therapist Relationship.

DEALING WITH RESISTANCE Standard Process, Resistance to Entering Trance, Inability to See, Symbolic Imagery, Resistance to Feeling Emotions, Shame and Guilt, Terror, Personal Testimony, Reverse Suggestion

ESTABLISHING AND MAINTAINING A PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE  – Business Practice, Tax Tips for Hypnotherapists, Marketing and Promotion


Past Life Regression


Application of past life regression; ascension, illness, phobias, relationships

Understanding past life regression theories

Standard regression techniques

Integrating past life personalities

How to clear past life trauma and karmic debts

Exploring and changing soul contracts with higher self and others

Processes for retrieving soul fragments

Retrieving past life gifts and abilities through contacting creativity


Life Between Lives 


How to navigate the various life between life experiences

How to identify soul purpose contract work

Negotiation and changing of pre-conception contract

Life review and meeting with the council elders

The process of choosing a body

Navigating multi-dimensional galactic lives and connection with star family, mythical creatures


Spirit Release Therapy & Healing With The Higher Self & Spirit Team


Understanding the various types of spirit attachments and intrusive energies

Signs and symptoms of spirit attachment and intrusive energies

What are walk-Ins, soul braids

Identifying and releasing spirit attachments and intrusive energies

How to perform body scans

Working with a pendulum

Healing with the higher self and spirit healing team


Future Life Progression


Understanding future lives, parallel lives, simultaneous lives

The various applications for future life progressions

How to navigate through future lives, parallel lives, simultaneous lives

Connecting with your future self for wisdom, gifts and abilities


Course Training Materials

Your comprehensive course materials include;

Course Manual

Library of over 30 hours of hypnotherapy session video/audio

Transcripts of Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy Induction Scripts

Suggested Reading List

Private Facebook Group for Students

Eligibility, Assessment & Certification


Eligibility:  All students enrolling on this course confirm that they are over the age of 18 and not experiencing psychosis.  If you have any concerns regarding this please do email to discuss

On completion of this course upon certification you will be able to obtain insurance and work with clients professionally in the areas taught.  To achieve certification you will need to have:

Attended the Live Online 4 Day Training with Kimberley

Completed Required Case Studies (supervised practice)

Produced a Hypnosis Recording for Skill Assessment

Completed all course theory reading, and Assignments


Next LIVE Course Dates: 13th April – 16th September 2024 1pm -7pm GMT


Investment: £999   

Payment Plans Available



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 Student Testimonials From My Previous Hypnotherapy Trainings

Absolutely excellent, just what I was looking for. 

” I have found the alchemy hypnotherapy training to be absolutely excellent.  Just what I was looking for.  It has had an immediate and most beneficial affect on my work as a Psychosynthesis Therapist and I have found myself able to use many of the techniques I have learned in the service of my clients.  I have found Kimberley’s teaching of the course to be excellent.  In the very first weekend I was given permission to learn with my whole self and that I have been able to do.   I have discussed this course with a friend doing another hypnotherapy training and he is most jealous.  I am extremely glad and grateful to have done this holistic hypnotherapy course.  It has already allowed me to process a great deal of personal material with my family and given me access to incredibly empowering techniques for my clients.  I could recommend this course and the alchemy work to anyone wishing to personally grow and assist others in their personal growth.” – Mark Jones, Psychosynthesis Therapist, Bristol.


Lively, fun and interactive training style.

“Thanks for a wonderful training experience in a fabulous setting with great people. I really appreciated your lively, fun and interactive training style.  What I found most interesting was the amazing difference between Alchemical and more traditional forms of hypnosis. Personally, I found an answer to a problem that has troubled my relationships for over 40 years.  Professionally, I now have more understanding of many areas of my existing therapeutic work, and a new set of tools for me to help others with. The Conference Room, subpersonality process is amazing! I am really glad that I have experience in various therapeutic styles as I have learned to be flexible and track the client’s process.  This has improved greatly since training with you, so on behalf of my clients as well as myself.  Thank You.” – Ron Rosenfeld, Bournemouth, Dorset.

wise and highly experienced tutor.”

“I completed the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training with Kimberley and it has proven to be invaluable both on a personal level and professional level.  The course was held in a wonderful location and I met some great people who all have a similar wish to help others and make a difference in the world.   The content of the course was completely new to me and, initially, I found it to be very challenging.  However, Kim is a wise and highly experienced tutor and she gently encouraged and helped me to find my confidence and after a few days I absolutely loved it.  I know that everything I have learned from this training will be invaluable in my practice in the future, combined with my work as a Massage Therapist and Reiki Healer.  The follow up support and feedback from Kim after the course had finished was also superb and I highly recommend her trainings to anyone whether they are an experienced practitioner or someone who is just starting out in the field of alternative therapies.  I would also recommend the training to anyone who wishes to learn incredible tools solely for their own personal journey. “ – Lisa Hunter, Salisbury, Hampshire

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” Since my inner child now has new inner parents I now have a better relationship with my parents because I don’t continually feel let down by them” I was looking for an inner child therapist and came across Kim’s website. When I read about how alchemical hypnotherapy works something inside of me said ‘this looks like it really works on a deep level’. As an Environmental Scientist I was also intrigued by the ‘Alchemy’. I was so intrigued that I rang Kim and booked a session to see what it was like. I had had inner child therapy before and it set my healing journey in motion but this process really transformed me. I had a great two hour session with Kim, as I realised my inner child really needed a father figure. For most of my childhood my father was on the other side of the world and I’d never known what it was like to have a father as a child. The process of Alchemy identifies unmet childhood needs and transforms those needs such as abandonment into joy by providing a loving inner family. Kim lead me on a journey to the land of inner fathers where I met my inner father and I now feel the nurture I didn’t get. I was so impressed with Alchemy that I decided that I wanted to help other people and I did the full training. The training was very intense as I had to deal with my own issues everyday and clear them. First of all we cleared emotional complexes from this life, it’s amazing how our inner child holds onto emotions and up they swell if the reason they came about is not dealt with, they manifest into overreactions to situations or even health problems. We looked at how important maternal and paternal nurturing and security are necessary and if the inner child’s needs are met then the adult is balanced and well adjusted. It’s amazing how even small incidents may affect us. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!  I particularly resonated with Past Life Therapy because we got to review with our higher selves how past life actions we have done and relationships effect this life and future lives and is particularly important to the development of the soul. It was wonderful to make connections with the other people in the training. – Ciara Longman, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist  Leeds, UK

One of the greatest spiritual experiences of my life” The course was one of the greatest spiritual experiences of my life and, in may ways perhaps the most important. suddenly a whole new world of consciousness has appeared before me as I realise what vast riches and power lie within our subconscious.  Far from being something to be scared of our subconscious is endless ocean of wonders – something enriching and enabling if only we have the courage to venture there. Soulution’s Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training is far more than a hypnotherapy course, each session felt like a magical journey, it’s actually a spiritual experience that you’ll never forget, you’re learning at the very forefront of hypnotherapy.” – Maurice Anslow, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Author of I am Brahman, Ludlow, Shropshire

Most transformative.” “I have to say that its been one of the most transformative courses that I’ve ever done.” – Jo Edwardes, Taunton, Somerset

The most powerful training course that I have ever been on.” “This is by far the most powerful training course that I have ever been on.  I loved the Transpersonal model and I particularly enjoyed the intimacy and depth of learning that grew from the wonderful residential setting and community spirit.  I particularly loved the Archetypal Healing and my ongoing connection with Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) has helped me to feel more at home within my own heart. My personal journeys into the Past Life and Life Between Lives material have further developed my professional skills and I am looking forward to specializing in this area.  I would whole heartedly recommend Kimberley and her Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training to anyone interested in an in-depth healing process whether personally or professionally.” – Rose Powell, Chepstow, Wales

The most powerful training course that I have ever been on.”

I have been interested in Hypnosis for many years and wanted a certified course to support my clients online as well as in person. I recently completed the Online Quantum Hypnotherapy Diploma Training with Kimberley. I found the course content very thorough and enlightening. Kimberley has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and the 3 months of supervision and support really helped me to integrate the learning, perfect the technique and improve my confidence. I have received some very deep and profound healing working with Kimberley and through the course itself. The clients that I have practiced with have also received profound insight and healing. I would thoroughly recommend Kimberley both as a Therapist and Teacher. Her Quantum Hypnotherapy Training was amazing!   ~ Shelley Axten, Quantum Hypnotherapist


“empowering great leaders, healers, way showers on their own divine path”

I highly recommend this training. I’ve learned so much.  I love the way Kimberley teaches, she is empowering great leaders, healers, way showers on their own divine path. This training has woven its way into complimenting my other modalities.  It’s such great training, that offers profound healing and wisdom, that will serve you and your clients and meet you where you’re at. I had so much fun. Thank you Kimberley ~ Naomi Sweet

 ~ Naomi Sweet, Quantum Hypnotherapist


Trainer: Kimberley Lovell

Kimberley Lovell is a Medium, Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, Supervisor, Trainer, Assessor and Certified Business Coach with over 30 years working in the field of personal, spiritual and professional development. She has worked with diverse client groups and has been teaching professional Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training courses for over 15 years.

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