Halloween night background with pumpkin and full moon.

Samhain is soon upon us. Halloween. This is a time when traditionally people would connect with their loved ones in spirit, and with the saints.

In truth we can always connect with those in spirit, our ancestors, our spirit guides, our guardian angels, the archangels, the saints, ascended masters, for they are all accessible to us, once we learn how to connect with those higher realms. This is the process that I have been teaching for many years now and I teach in Theta Healing, which makes it even quicker to learn how to connect go within and connect with your higher self and with the higher realms.

So this is a time for us to go and look within. We look into our shadows, those limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs, aspects of our self that cause us problems that create negativity or drama in our life and or in our business. We can call upon our spirit guides, our angels, for help, as we seek greater clarity and illumination. Remember we get what we focus on, so what thoughts, feelings and beliefs are you focusing on at the moment? How can you turn your negative thoughts and feelings around?

Contrary to what most people believe, no one else can make you feel anything, so don’t get caught in the victim trap, blaming your situation or others. You are always at choice. Much of our drama is lurking in our unconscious minds, in the depths of our psyche and so it is only by going within, that we can illuminate our shadow and become more conscious and enlightened. The more conscious and enlightened you are the happier and more successful you will be in life and in business.

Autumn brings clarity and stability as we look within our life and business this is a time to take stock of where we are and to prepare for the winter times, to become more in tune with our abilities, gifts and our determination to live our purpose and take action.

What thoughts, feelings, and beliefs do you need to let go of, so that you can claim the happiness and success that you desire?

What can you focus on that will bring you the happiness that you desire? Hint everything that we want is within us, so this is not about focusing on the external things, or people, this is about tapping into your inherent happiness.

What resources, do you have that serve you and your clients?

What products, services, and programmes would you like to create?

What gifts, strengths, or attributes do you have that you are not yet fully utilising?

You might take the opportunity to look at how you can create passive income streams, by setting up products and programmes that leverage your time and allow you to create a legacy that will live on. Products are a great way to do this. Perhaps it’s time to think about that book or that meditation or programme you have been thinking about creating.


Here are a couple of tips and resources to help you go within.


Writing or journalling is a great way to go within and tap into your unconscious mind, or indeed to connect with the higher realms and channel wisdom and guidance for your self and your business. Again this is something that I love to do personally and also teach my clients and students.


Meditation is another valuable tool that you can use to go within. You can of course learn to meditate by yourself or let yourself be guided. Meditation is also a great way for you to connect with your Guardian Angels, your spirit guides or inner healer. I have created a range of hypnotic meditation MP3’s that will help you with all of this and am now developing a series of Business Success MP’3s.

You can check out my current MP3’s here.


Coaching is a fabulous way to develop both personally and professionally. I owe a lot of my happiness and success to my own personal, spiritual and professional development and bless all of the coaches, teachers and mentors that I’ve worked with and continue to work with.

I share a lot of cutting edge techniques such as Theta, Energy Psychology & Hypnosis to help people create the transformation they desire whether in life or in business.

If you’re ready for coaching or business mentoring to help you create the life and/or business of your dreams, drop me an email and let’s schedule a time to connect.

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