Do You Have A Big Vision and Need Help Grounding It?

Transform Your Life & Business Now!

YES, You Really Can, Be, Do and Have It All!


If You’re Looking To Create Rapid Transformation, A VIP Day Intensive Is Perfect For You!

Do You Have A Big Vision and Need Help Grounding It?

Are you Fed up, Tired, Overwhelmed, Struggling, Stuck or Confused?

Are Your Stuck In Corporate, Selling Your Soul, Ready To Transition?

Are You Ready Now To Uplevel Your Life & Business To Create More Impact & Income?

Are you Ready To Create The Freedom You Desire & Live The Life of Your Dreams?

Introducing Your Infinite Possibilities Achieved On A VIP Day

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Feeling “stuck”  or “derailed” in life, and can’t seem to get back on track?
  • Have you lost your passion?
  • Do you feel like something is missing?
  • Could your life benefit from an Upgrade?
  • Have you lost faith?
  • Would you like a system and strategies that you can trust to work for you?
  • Are you looking for a personal road map that will guide and inspire you to, follow your bliss and live your dream each and every day?
  • Are you fed up chasing rainbows and still searching for your pot of Gold? (HINT: It’s not “out there”)

Would you love a Spiritual Coach/Mentor who can guide and empower you to transform your life?  (Once you tap into these resources you’ll never look back again.)

Then a VIP Day is for you!

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I’m Kimberley and like you, I struggled with the same things as you are struggling with right now, so no matter what your challenges or frustrations are, there is hope, and I promise you that you will, discover the dazzling brilliance of your soul, so that you can transform your life and start to shine right now. As you read every word of this page, you’ll discover how you can completely transform your life and overcome any problems or challenges you are currently experiencing, when you choose to enlist me as your Spiritual Mentor.

As your transformational coach/mentor I provide over 25 years experience in the field of personal and spiritual development and combine Law of Attraction, Energy Psychology, Coaching, NLP & Hypnosis, together with my spiritual gifts of Mediumship, Channelling, Clairvoyance, Intuition and Holistic Business Insight to support you as you discover how YOU CAN, create the life of your dreams.

Imagine what’s possible for you when you get the business breakthrough and accelerated results you desire to create the life and business of your dreams.

Imagine what’s possible for you when you get the business breakthrough and accelerated results you desire to create the life and business of your dreams.

This is a day of focused hands on business strategy and practical and magical implementation.   I’m a Visionary and an Alchemist and my brilliance, genius and super powers are in rapidly creating and channelling the answer to your prayers. You’ll have access to my intuitive superbrain.   If like me, you’re someone who loves to dive in, go deep and create rapid results, this VIP day is a dream come true. You might not have realised it till now, because we don’t always know what we don’t know, but is this what you and your soul have been asking for?

No cookie cutter approach here.  Your VIP Day Intensive is customised and designed specifically for you and your business needs and desires.  Whatever stage you’re at in your life and business we’ll work together to discover the business models and strategies that are aligned with your souls purpose, vision and mission and create the breakthrough you need to create the outcome you desire.

Your Infinite Possibilities VIP DAY Schedule

Our day usually runs 9.30- 4.30, in a beautiful hotel in a wonderful location at Sandbanks on Millionaire Row, and includes a fabulous 2 or 3-course lunch with teas/coffees and drinks throughout the day. Don’t worry if you have any special dietary needs, I’ve got you covered.

The topic of what we cover on the day is completely up to you and you can choose from what we cover from my  ‘A La Carte Mix and Match Menu’. Below is just Some of What’s Possible For You When You Join Me On a VIP Day Intensive. If there is something you want to cover that isn’t below, then don’t worry we can add it in!

What Will You Choose?

  • Sky Rocket Your Self Esteem, Self Worth, and Confidence, Develop Your Magical Money Mindset, Create Your Magnetic Presence So That You Can Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients Who Love To Work With You
  • Connect With Your Unique Soul Purpose, Identify Your Lucrative Niche Market
  • Learn Powerful Magical Energetic and Practical Processes To Consciously Create & Manifest The Life & Business Of Your Dreams With Grace & Ease
  • Transform Your Money Story, Clear Your Unconscious Money Blocks and Create Your Money Breakthrough
  • Craft Your First or Next Irresistible Offer, Magnetic Message and Launch Strategy
  • Create and Develop Your First or Next Product (ecourse, home study) To Create Passive Income Streams
  • Learn the Secrets to Leveraging Your Time to Serve More People So You Can Create The Impact & Income You Desire With Grace & Ease
  • Identify Multiple Income Streams & Money Channels With Your Unique Profit Pyramid System Allowing You To Create An Abundance of Soulful Aligned Money Flows
  • Design, Create, Market and Sell Your Own High End Premium Price Programmes Allowing You To Share Your Highest Calling and Work More Deeply With Your Ideal High End Clients
  • Create Your Secret Sauce Signature Programme So You Can Position Yourself and Stand out in the Marketplace as the Expert You Are, Attracting A Steady Stream Of Ideal Clients Dying To Work With You
  • Learn The Secrets of New Lead Generation As You Automate Your Marketing & Sales Processes Allowing You To Have More Fun As You Focus On Serving Your Ideal Clients
  • Learn The Heart of Soulful Selling and attract and Enrol 100% of your Ideal Clients
  • Map out Your 30 Day Client Attraction Marketing Plan So You’re Clear On The Weekly, Monthly and Daily Strategies You’ll Implement To Achieve Your Goals
  • Create Your Irresistible Soulful Brand or Rebrand Yourself with my Soulful Branding With Archetypes® Process (option to include Photoshoot)
  • Map Out Your Year’s Marketing Plan, Allowing You The Peace of Mind That Comes From Implementing Your Soul’s Plan
  • Design your First or Next High End Programme/Service To Create Fast Income Injection and Acceleration
  • Create and Develop Your First Product (ebook, home study course)
  • Experience a Money Breakthrough! (What If You Could Double, Triple or Quadruple your Sales/Income!)
  • Create Your Own Live or Virtual VIP Day/Live Event So You Can Uplevel Your Income Even If You Don’t Have A List
  • Plan Your Next Programme/Product/Service Launch
  • Create Your Group Programme Allowing You To Leverage Your Time & Work With Your Souls Tribe

Excited? There’s so much choice available to you, and you’ll be amazed at the quantum leap you can experience when you say yes to you and your business!   I’m curious to know what your heart and soul desires and is ready to create now.

Once you’re aligned with the right business models, strategy and mindset, the world really is your oyster and anything’s possible. The fact that you’re here means you’re ready now, for your quantum leap and I’d love to support, empower and guide you through this process.

Loving The Sound Of This, Want Your Own Infinite Possibility VIP Day? 

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Enrol In Your ‘”Infinite Possibilities Business Breakthrough”  LIVE VIP Day Intensive;

  • 6 Hours VIP Day including Fabulous 2 or 3 Course Lunch & Refreshments at The Fabulous 4* Haven Hotel

  • Deep Dive Questionnaire to gain clarity on your dreams and desires unveil your deepest needs and desires,

  • Personality Profiling with the Archetypes To Align Your Spiritual & Financial Destiny

  • 1 x 30 min Clarity Call to design your bespoke VIP Day

  • Review and Align Business Models & Strategy

  • Transformational Money Mastery, Mindset, Intuitive Guidance, Facilitation and Energy Work as needed

  • 2 or 3 Business Modules as determined and agreed in your initial clarity call

  • Done for you  templates, checklists to tweak, plug and play, saving you time, energy and money

  • 30 Days Weekly Accountability & Support to ensure you stay focused, and in action

  • 2 x 30 minutes follow up calls to be used within 30 days to clarify, breakthrough and keep you focused and on track

Love It, But Prefer To Work Virtual ? It’s Possible!

Virtual VIP Day Intensive  

No unnecessary travelling time or expenses required the Virtual VIP which takes place from the comfort of your own home, using the latest Skype technology, so wherever you are in the world, we’ll be up close and personal, diving deep into infinite possibilities, transforming you and your business.


  • Initial Deep Dive Questionnaire and 30 minutes Clarity Call to determine your needs and the breakthrough you desire.

  • 6 Hours 1:1 VIP Day Mastermind (Don’t worry we’ll schedule in comfort breaks)

  • Mindset and Energy Work as determined from our initial call

  • 2 or 3 Business Modules determined from our initial call

  • Done for you templates, checklists, tweak, plug and play, saving you time, energy and money.

  • 30 Days Weekly Email Support

  • 2 x 30 minute follow up and implementation call to keep you on track and implementing (to be booked within 30 Days)

Invest In You and Your Business


Virtual Vip Day

Virtual Vip Day



Client Proof:

  • Screenshots of results
  • Short case studies,
  • Testimonials,
  • Other reasons to believe in the product and you

Platinum Client Sandy Bowie enjoying her VIP Day as we dived into her Branding and birthing a New Business

Platinum Client Sandy Bowie enjoying her VIP Day as we dived into her Branding and birthing a New Business

Platinum Client, Jenny Lynn’s VIP Day

Platinum Client, Jenny Lynn’s VIP Day

Perfect Location with one of my Platinum Clients on her VIP Day

Perfect Location with one of my Platinum Clients on her VIP Day

Through personal accident the Universe has given me time out and therefore I have been trying to use the time wisely to be clearer on my soul’s purpose and the way forward.  After working with Kim on her Soul Niche Programme, I am now clearer on my soul purpose and have identified the way forward.  Kimberley’s process is not only quick but extremely powerful.  I have identified new business models and ways of working that will help me to reach more people and live my soul vision. For those of you pondering and sitting on the fence please get off it and get on with the reason you are here.  If you’re needing clarity on your life purpose, I highly recommend you to work with Kimberley as soon as possible.

Nina Dungey, Therapist, DanceYour

“I had invested in an intensive marketing course but something was missing and fortunately I found that in Kim.  She pointed out that I was 80% there, I had a lot of the practical and emotional things sorted but without individual attention on my business and my emotions, I was aware that I may never get my business off the ground.  One ‘VIP day’ later and I have a complete strategy for launching not one but 3 products and it’s such a relief.  I’ve got lots of work to do to finalise everything but I know that I’ll stick to my deadlines as I will be submitting accountability forms to Kim.  I am very excited about the future!”

Kate Cave,

“Kimberley has introduced me to new business models and given me the encouragement and the inspiration to create higher value coaching progammes and start charging what I’m worth.  As a result of working directly with Kim, I have adopted the new business models, so that I am no longer trapped trading time for money and have created programmes that will increase my income by 400%!.  Crazy though it seems, I know I am providing greater value to my clients and am confident that they will snap up these programmes.  I now have a 3, 6 and 12 month vision mapped out for my business and with new business models that will support me in taking my business mobile, wherever I am in the world.  I’m excited to be launching my new programmes!”

Jessica Rose,

Invest In You and Your Business

Price introduction includes features, bonuses and resources +  why act now

Virtual VIP Day


Virtual VIP Day


Transform your passion and purpose

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