I see you beautiful, You are amazing! You are a visionary, a leader, a way-shower, changemaker, you my love are magical, truly gifted, and the world wants, more of you, just as you want more of it. There’s a holy desire and longing in your heart.

You have a big vision, dreams, and desires and you’re committed to birthing them in the world. You’re smart, you’ve already achieved amazing things, yet you want more. You know that you’re holding yourself back in some way, playing safe, and not allowing yourself to be all that you came here to be, do, and experience.

You desire a high-level safe, supportive, and empowering community of amazing women, siSTARS like you. You know that you thrive and your magic is amplified when you are held in such a high-frequency space. This circle, this alchemical space was created especially for you!

Join us for our Monthly Sacred Ritual and Ceremony, where you will be empowered to embody the power and passion of the Goddess that you are. This circle is about unveiling, unleashing the love, power, potency, and infinite possibilities as you embrace the divine within you. We will be journeying to connect with the Goddess within, to connect with our soul family, star family, to reclaim, embrace, and embody aspects of our soul.

This circle is a remembering of who you are dear Goddess, and is overlighted by the Grandmothers, The Mothers, The Star Nations, The Ancestors of old, those ancient wise woman, known as the weavers, those who wove the web of life into existence.

We live in a world that is ever-changing and transitioning. We are the bridge-builders, the wing-walkers, We my loves, are dreaming, creating, and birthing new worlds.

Our time is NOW!

We Rise Together

If you’re resonating and feeling called, you’re very welcome to join us.

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