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Creating a Heaven on Earth through Empowering Divine Feminine Leadership, Conscious and Transformational Business.

Join Kimberley Lovell and her guests as they take you on a journey to awaken, inspire and empower you to step more purposefully into your leadership and create the life and business of your dreams whilst doing what you love, serving the world and making fabulous money. During every episode of the Wealthy Business Goddess Show Kimberley discusses powerful and inspiring Business Strategy, Mindset Mastery, Business Energetics, Spirituality and Wealth Consciousness. Be sure to check out the Free Gifts each week and Join us in the Wealthy Business Goddess Facebook Tribe for more support, strategy, accountability.

Latest Podcasts

Gifting & Receiving With The Multiverse

Where Dreams Come True   Free Mini Meditation Access Energy Pull Gifting & Receiving With The Multiverse Energy Pulls are a great way to relax, expand your energy, manifest you dreams and much more. So often we complicate life, overwhelming ourself with all...

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Allowing Your Future To Have Its Way With You

  Where Dreams Come True Lisa Murray is an Alchemist, Futurist, Author, Writer, Coach and a beautiful being whom I'm so happy to be hosting for her Creative Futures Workshop in Glastonbury on 15/16 September. In this Show you’ll Learn; How To Allow The Future To...

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Money Magic

  Where Dreams Come True In this Show you’ll Learn; How To Transform Your Money Mindset The Power of Questions How To Connect More Easily With Money How To Pull Money Into Your Life With a Magical Energy Pull   Sign up to receive your Sacred Money Archetypes...

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Access Manifesting Magic & Energy Pull

  Where Dreams Come True Kimberley is an Access Consciousness Certified Faciliator, and offers Access Consciousness Sessions, Symphony of Possibility Sessions, Online Programmes, she is based in Bournemouth UK, works with clients worldwide via skype and teaches...

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Permission To Leap

  Where Dreams Come True Join myself and my guest, Bri Seeley, Author of Permission to Leap as we talk about the process of taking your leap and what the journey entails. is an inspirational woman who supports women around the world to bring their visions to...

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Inspired Business

  Where Dreams Come True Would you like to experience more love, ease, joy, magic, fun and miracles in your life and business? In this weeks episode I'm sharing my insights into conscious business creation.  If you've ever felt overwhelmed, dis-heartened,...

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Queen of the Forest

Queen of the Forest  This channelling was done when I was directed on 11/11/2019 to go and talk with a 500 year old Oak Tree in the New Forest who is titled Queen of the Oak.  I had the most magic day ever, as I was met by mumma and her baby pigs, more big pigs,...

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You Are Your Brand

Here’s a secret successful marketers know: customers don’t buy a product. They buy you. Your personality. Your experience. The unique qualities only you possess. There was a time when “branding” meant a corporate-looking logo and a slick catalogue, but in today’s...

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