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Spinning Your Wheels

Working too Many Hours

Struggling to Attract Your Ideal Clients

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 Transform Your Purpose And Passions Into

Prosperity & Live Your Dreams!

Step Into Your Leadership to Create The Impact and Income You Desire

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Gain the Insight, Clarity, Focus & Vision You Need

To Create The Life and Business Of Your Dreams Now


I’m an Intuitive Business Coach and Mentor

& I’m Here To Help You Transform Your

Younique Brilliance And Magic

Into Your Dream Life and Business


I’m Kimberley Lovell, Intuitive Business Coach and Energy Alchemist, embracing, embodying and channeling the Divine Feminine.  I help women like you transform their life, easily and gracefully as I blend together Soul, Money, Marketing, Energy, and Mindset to enrich your life and business.  My passion is helping you create Love, Money, Magic and Miracles in your life and in the world so you get to experience the happiness and success you deserve!

As you read through every page on this website, you will discover how your soul has been calling you to transform, not only your life, but the lives of others through living your passion and purpose and creating a thriving and prosperous business.  You are here to make a difference, to birth into being a New Paradigm a world based on love, unity and collaboration.

I  would be honoured to support you in discovering and embracing your brilliance, and magic and living your dreams by providing you with the vision, clarity and focus you need right now.

I offer transformational VIP Days in Bournemouth and work with clients worldwide through skype and through my coaching and business mentoring programmes.

Imagine now, just for a moment, waking up, feeling happy, inspired, passionate as you embark on another fun day, fulfilling your  unique soul purpose, attracting your ideal clients, and making fabulous money doing what you love.  Your Higher Self is guiding you and nudging you through your heart and intuition to fulfill your dreams, and live a life you love. Are you ready now to connect with your Higher Self, and tap into the abundance of treasures that the universe wants you to receive?

Whether you know it or not, you are here for a purpose and I’d love to help you, discover your Purpose, Passion, Spirit & Destiny. I have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience gleaned over 25 years working with Spirit and I would love to share this with you, so that you can start feeling more love, more passion, more joy, more abundance and more fulfilled, so please pop in your email address and sign up now for my FREE Holistic Business Alchemy Newsletter, full of articles, tips and special offers and I promise to share with you, my energy secrets, my knowledge, skills, experience, strategies and resources to help you overcome your challenges and block that have been holding you back and live the life of your dreams.

As a valued subscriber you will receive an opportunity for a Free Holistic Business Breakthrough Session. (valued £250). Where you will get crystal clear on your vision, identify/transform your hidden blocks and challenges, discover your passion, purpose and gifts, Identify your next step to get into action and clear path to your dreams.

If you’re ready now to bring about the change you desire, manifest and live your dreams, email me now and find out more about how my holistic and spiritual business coaching, VIP Days and Coaching Programmes can give you Wings For Your Dreams.

To your Passion, Purpose and Prosperity






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Transforming Your Purpose & Passions Into Gold & Creating The Life & Business of Your Dreams!

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