How To Sky Rocket Your Business To Success With The Power of Love

As you think, so you are.

As you imagine, so you become!

~ Anon

So we’re agreed that everything is energy right?  I mean quantum physics tells us so.  Well in life there are essentially just two basic energies. LOVE or FEAR.

Fear is a contracted energy, it causes your body to contract and keeps you playing small. It is the energy that causes you to fight or flight.

Your thoughts affect your body and your business is simply an extension of your body.  Everything that shows up in your business is simply a reflection of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  If you are experiencing something that is unwanted, simply acknowledge that you have created it in some way. You see, your unconscious mind is always at work, and whilst you may consciously be focused on a particular goal, you’re unconscious is simply magnetising and attracting your reality and daily experience. If you have negative or limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs (and we all do!) they will inevitably show up in your business.

So let’s look a little more into how your energy impacts your business.

LOVE is an expansive energy, it causes each and every cell in your body to align and work together in harmony for a greater purpose.

LOVE Attracts

FEAR Repels

Love Energy/Spirit

When you are coming from love and putting your heart and soul into your business, your client’s get it.   That is, you are energetically transmitting a love signal, and who doesn’t want more love in their life, right! When you are being love, here’s what you are thinking and saying.

  • Life is wonderful
  • How can I serve more people?
  • How can I add more value?
  • Who could benefit most from my services?
  • I’d love some support

Fear Energy/Ego

When you are coming from fear you are separated from spirit. You are playing small, and worrying about a hundred and one things.  You may be thinking;

  • How can I get more clients?
  • How can I make more money?
  • I can’t afford “it”.  (Whatever “it“ is)
  • What if I fail!/What if I succeed!
  • I don’t need anyone to help I can do this by myself

In each and every moment, ask yourself this.  What would love do now? Then be the love that you are!  Love is the greatest business strategy!  For your business is simply an extension of the love that you are, and as you allow that love to radiate out your clients will be irresistibly drawn to connect and work with you!

If you’re ready now to be fully supported to live your purpose, bring more love, heart and soul into your business, heal and transform you mindset, serve more people and watch your business soar, email me now to ask about my private Business Breakthrough Mentoring Programmes.

To Your Passion, Purpose and Profits




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