Image by Nancy L Worthington

Image by Nancy L Worthington

Easter is traditionally the time of spring cleaning of giving up or letting go of all that no longer serves us, now what happens when you think about sacrificing something.  Do you think about going without or of giving up?  Well you might be surprised to discover that the word sacrifice actually means to make sacred.  Does that put a different slant on it for you?

So I’m going to invite you for a moment to think of something that is no longer working for you.  It may be a habit, a belief, a job, relationship, home and as you think about whatever it is that you don’t want, notice your thoughts, and feelings, see how you act when you think and feel that way.

For most of us when we think about letting go, giving up, there is resistance and the tendency to hold on to the familiar.  Is this true for you?

Many people hold onto jobs, relationship because of this fear of letting go.

So let’s come back to the true meaning of sacrifice.  Sacrifice – To make sacred.

Did you know that your Soul has made sacred contracts before you were born and is constantly guiding you to fulfill your sacred contract and live your Soul Purpose? What would you be willing to let go of easily and naturally, if you knew beyond a shadow of doubt that the universe was guiding you to live in the moment, and follow your bliss?  If you knew that the universe was encouraging you to let go, so that you could make sacred your true hearts desires, your soul path?

For you see, when you are willing to release everything, knowing and trusting that the universe supports you and will always provide you with something better, you’ll find it easy to enjoy and be grateful for all that you have now, knowing that it’s served you in some way and has bought you to this moment of sacrifice, of making sacred your hearts desires and you can just let go now as you breathe out, and feel your body relaxing into the deep peace of your heart’s vision growing each and every day stronger as something inside shifts and blossoms in ways you can’t even begin to imagine right now, all because you’re willing to sacrifice and let go, let god.

So now that you have let go energetically, I’d like to invite you to make your sacrifice on a physical level. Write down on a piece of paper, whatever it is that you’ve been struggling with, holding onto, fretting over.  Then crumple it up and burn it, as you watch it burn, focus on your breathing, and the deep peace and pure vision of your heart and just let it be.  You’ll be suprised just how powerful a creator you are and just like the phoenix that rises from the ashes your hearts desires can take flight.

I would love to encourage more sharing and caring within our community, so please post your  comments and share with us your experiences with this exercise.

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