I’d love to help your heal and shift your money story and claim your abundance. How you do Money is how you do everything and so I wanted to share a little more about the 5 Money Types I teach about in the Money Breakthrough Miracle Program.

Knowing your money type can really help you transform your relationship with money and in doing so change your entire life!

Each money type has its own gifts, challenges, and money issues. Once you know your money type you’ll know what action to take to empower yourself around money.

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The five money types are Love, Security, Value, Recognition, and Status. Which one are you? Each money type has its own card choc full of information on their gifts, challenges, money issues, disempowering beliefs, empowering beliefs, affirmations. But for now, look through some of these disempowering behaviours and see if you recognise yourself in any of them. 


Some of the disempowering behaviour for the love type

  • The tendency to dissociate or disconnect from money.
  • Tends to ignore bank and credit card statements.
  • Spends money to feel connected or loved


Some of the disempowering behaviours for the value type are

  • Putting the needs of others first to the point where their own needs are denied and their financial wellbeing undermined.
  • Rescuing others
  • Not saving enough to cover emergencies


Some of the disempowering money habits for this money type

  • Avoids thinking about the consequence of taking a risk with money.
  • Doesn’t like to admit to being wrong.
  • Slow to respond to difficult money situations so a small loss becomes a big one


A disempowering money habit of this money type is to

  • Purchase status brands (i.e. Apple Mac)
  • Tendency to have spending sprees.
  • Does everything to the extreme.


The disempowering money habit for this money type is to

  • Hoard stuff
  • Live frugally.
  • Security types like to save not spend,
  • Accept clients or a job just for the money.

For every disempowering belief there is an empowering action to address the unhealthy behaviour pattern. Money Types is part of one of the modules where we explore and heal in depth your unconscious money patterns, so you’ll get to know your money gifts, identify empowering beliefs, statements, words, behaviours, transform your challenges and create a new relationship with money. Once you transform your money story and transform your relationship with money you’ll

  • Stand in your power with money and STOP your money drama
  • Learn to comfortably ask for money or the sale
  • Feel secure knowing exactly what’s in your bank and never have to worry or feel anxious about opening another bank statement
  • Increase your ability to receive abundance
  • Attract more clients
  • Earn and keep more money
  • Raise your fees by 20-40%
  • Know and Charge what you’re worth and get it
  • Have peace of mind, so you can STOP worrying about money and start enjoying life more
  • Heal family relationships and creating greater true intimacy and love in your life.
  • Create financial security for yourself and your family
  • Set up a realistic savings plan so you can start living your dreams

Join me on this Money Breakthrough Miracle Program and receive your personal set of Exclusive Money Type Cards.

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If you know that your money stuff is holding you back in some way. Now is the time to join us and create your money miracle breakthrough.

Love and Blessings,

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