Access Consciousness®

What is Access Consciousness®?


Access Consciousness® is a set of pragmatic tools and processes that allow you to change different areas of your life, often in ways you haven’t been able to change them before.  I’ve 30 years background in Mediumship, Counselling, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Healing, Coaching, so I’m well versed in working with mind, body, spirit and the Access Consciousness tools and processes are phenomenal, rapid and have revolutionised the world of therapy.  I offer Access Sessions with clients worldwide via Zoom or Skype.

As an Access Consciousness Facilitator and Access Bars Facilitator, I offer dynamic verbal processing to facilitate dynamic transformation of any aspect or area of your life or business that you desire to change; Health, Business, Relationship, Bodies, Money, Mindset.  Are you ready to create the life and business beyond your wildest dreams?

Access consciousness goes back to the point of creation, wherever that might be, to literally support you in unblocking the energy of where you have “stuck” yourself with  the decisions and conclusions you’ve come to when different things occur in our lives. These blocks may be from this lifetime, the collective unconscious, your family and ancestors, past lives. e. g. your money blocks, relationship blocks, your parents opinions that you brought into and took on as your own.  “I have to work hard to receive money.” “Good girls don’t”….   “Money is…….”

As you release these blocks, judgements, conclusions, beliefs, feelings you create more space and ease and grace to enjoy all of your life. These verbal processes of Access Consciousness have shifted so much for me since I have been using them – with more ease and speed than anything else I have ever come across!

What Happens in an Access Consciousness Verbal Processing Session?

We would begin with me asking you a bit about what you would like to change – this can be anything from your health to your financial situation, to your relationship, to how you feel about your body.

I listen to what you are saying, and sense where the energy is “stuck” – and ask questions that enable you to release that stuckness – bringing you way more ease and freedom in that area!

How Long Does an Access Consciousness Verbal Processing Sessions Last?

Verbal processing sessions on their own are by zoom or Skype and last for either 15 minutes, 30 minutes 60  or 90 minutes.

The change can happen really fast – so sometimes, if you feel stuck with one thing and want a laser session to release just that, 15 minutes may work for you. If you are a new client, want change in more areas, or if it feels like there’s a lot of “conclusions” judgements, triggers, beliefs and feelings around the thing you would like to change, a 1 hour session is likely to be more appropriate.

Verbal processes combine amazingly well with remote energy healing and body processes (Symphony of Possibilities) –

I offer 90 minute sessions that combine both the bars or body processes and these powerful verbal processes.

Are you ready to create the life and business beyond your wildest dreams?

What could we transform and create for you?

Body Processes 

I offer a range of hands on and energetic body processes that can support you and your body to create health, vitality and greater well-being. There are over 50+ access energetic and hands on body processes for specific conditions and challenges, these energetic processes are not limited to time/space and work dynamically whether in person or remotely via skype/zoom*. Which of these processes is your body already silently whispering or shouting for? – your body knows – ask your body if you dare!

Symphony of Possibilities Sessions  (via Zoom)

These sessions are energetic in nature, with minimal verbal processing, in essence they are molecular infusions and energetic activation/alignments to support you in creating greater. I work with the atomic/sub-atomic and molecular energetic structures of your body, being, business projects to create greater congruency, alignment and greater magic and infinite possibilities.

Why not discover the magic of Access? Book your session NOW!

  • Access Verbal Facilitation
  • Access Bars/Body Processes
  • Symphony of Possibilities
  • Personalised Access Energy Pulls (to clear, align and support you in actualising your dreams)

Type of Session

Access Consciousness Clearing Statement; Right and wrong, good and bad, poc and pod, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.


(*Note whilst the remote Body Processes work dynamically, both in person or remotely. Remote body processes are not currently recognised by Access Consciousness. My experience and many of my clients is they work brilliantly, and of course it’s different to hands-on, so please choose what feels light for you)

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