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Animal Healing and Communication

Would you like to know to communicate and heal animals?  You’ve heard of horse whisperers. Imagine being an animal whisperer and having the ability to whisper and talk to any animal. It’s possible and it’s a natural gift and skill that can be learnt and developed.  Become an animal whisperer. Learn the art of animal healing and communication. As an animal healer, learn to work with animals pet owners and more

This Animal Healing and Communication course is the definitive seminar on healing animals. The most dominant animal throughout the world is the human species, but are we so different from other animals? What is in your DNA that is working for you instinctually?

Go on a journey with Kimberley and explore animal instincts that are within the human body.  Learn how to heal our brothers and sisters from the animal kingdom and get a deeper understanding of the inner world inside the divine human body.

Duration: 2 days

Here’s what You’ll Learn;

  • Understand Our Animalistic Nature
  • Communicate and Talk with the Animals
  • Heal Pets and their Owners
  • Carry Out Intuitive Body Scans on Animals and Their Owners
  • Perform Belief work and Feeling work on Animals
  • Work Remotely To Heal Animals and Owners
  • Work with a Crystal Layout to Retrieve Traits and Virtues Through Your Ancestors DNA
Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA

19/20 June 2016  Cyprus

This course will be taught alongside Plant Practitioner and Flower Power Workshop

Class will be taught in English with Greek and Russian Translation available

Investment: £295   

Animal Healing Stories

Serenity Lame Mare

“I would like to thank you and your students for their healing and feedback. Over the weekend she changed, was less lame almost sound and was more relaxed and wanted my company in a different way. I know that things will improve now we are in our new homes. Love and blessings to you all.”

Christine McCorcoran x


Coco My  Cat

The kittens were playing in the garden, jumping about and leaping on one another as usual playing hide and seek in the flowers.  Coco started coughing and gagging and didn’t stop.   I rushed to pick him up, open his mouth, couldn’t see anything.  He coughed and gagged for a day. I phoned the vets, took him in and they said there was nothing wrong. They gave him antihistamine in case he’d swallowed a bee. I phone them later in emergency as he was still gagging and still wasn’t eating or drinking. They told me it was the antihistamine and normal reaction. They clearly thought I was neurotic.  Poor guy kept pushing his head forward. I knew there was something in his throat!  I took him to another vet the next morning who saw him as emergency. They kept him in, gave him a sedative and looked down his throat and found a five inch blade of flower leaf.  It had been down his throat and up his nose.  Once removed he was able to eat and drink again. I’m so glad that I’ve learn to develop, trust and follow my intuition,  and that I insisted on a second opinion and further treatment.  Our animals are our fur babies and so precious

~ Kimberley Lovell

Animal Healing Course Testimonials

“I loved the Animal Healing course, it has enhanced my Theta Healing knowledge both for animals and humans.  I particularly loved the crystal grid layouts and our animal healing field trip!  Kim has a great understanding of knowledge and presents all of her courses with easy to understand communication.  I recommend it to anyone who likes animals and wants to communicate with them.  Also to enhance their Theta Healing knowledge.”

Rosemary Buck, Theta Healer, Animal Healer


“I loved the animal healing course, particularly learning how to connect with the animals higher self. Kim had a brilliant teaching style.  I met some brilliant people and had a wonderful time.”

Darci Fitzjohn, Animal Healer


“Great course, I gained a wider understanding of animal communication and behaviour and how Theta Healing can help animals and their owners.  I now have a greater understanding of animals, and my own pets.  Just brilliant!”

Jo Fitzjohn, Theta Practitioner, Animal Healer


I thoroughly enjoyed the Animal Healing course, it was so interesting. I particularly enjoyed the crystal grid layouts and working with the ponies in the New Forest.  Kim created a great atmosphere and teaches a clear and open process for animal communication and I’m more confident now in my ability to communicate with animals and pets.

Jacqueline Hall, Theta Practitioner, Animal Healer


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