Happy Valentines Day – You Are Loved!

You cannot be where love is not, For Love dear ones is what you are, the fabric of your soul. Seek not without but within, for you are the all that you seek, and when you live in your heart, you cannot fail to feel the love within you as it radiates out freely in your world, without attachment, without desire, for love is simply energy, is the eternal spark of heaven that you have bought to earth and you are indeed Angels, Light beings, Messengers of love. So tap into your hearts dear ones, dive deep within, through and beyond all of your pain and conditioning, for you are not your thoughts, your body or your mind. You are eternal love, a gift to yourself and to others and only as you share the gift of you, will you receive the love that you are. For love dear ones is all things to all people. Live your love and may your heart find peace and great joy in the sharing of the love that you are. We love you now, always and forever for we are you and you are us. We are ONE LOVE.

The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light © Kimberley Lovell 2012

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