So we’ve just come to the end of the Olympic Games here in the UK, and I’m sure team GB are very proud of their success and medals.  In life and in business, mindset is 80% of hapiness and success, because happiness and success is an inside job.  What type of mindset do you have?  You see like the olympic athlete your chances of success, come down to your beliefs.  If you believe you can, you can, if you believe, you can’t, you can’t.  You are the creator of your reality.  So just how do you develop an olympic mindset?  Well you can read many positive psychology books, you can work with positive affirmations, surround yourself by positive people, but at the end of the day, you need to change your mindset.  Now most people have an idea about this and work on themseles consciously, but did you know that the most powerful part of your mind, is your unconscious.

Your conscious mind is about 5% of your mind, whilst your unconscious represents 95% of your mind, so guess which part rules?  That’s right your unconcious mind is the real driving force behing your mindset.  So let’s look at what’s in your unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind holds the memory, beliefs and emotions of every experience you’ve ever had.  Negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs are responsible for illness and dis-ease and guess what?  They’re also responsible for your happiness and suceess, or lack of it.

Bear with me here, cos this goes deep.  Your unconscious mind holds all of your childhood conditioning and programming, and also the collective conditioning and programming, your dna, your ancestral genes, and other lifetimes.  Told you it went deep didn’t I.  Well as a Hypnotherapist and Theta Coach, I’ve worked with the unconscious for over 20 years now and I can tell you that material from  “childhood” and “past lives”  pretty much always crops up when I’m helping people shift their blocks, whether it’s relationships, business, health, money, success.   You can only proceed in life as fast as your unoncsious mind will allow.   All of your resistance, procrastination, fears, doubts, sabotage is connected with your unconscious.   So if you really want to move forward, if you want to connect with your Olympic Gold Mindset like the athletes, you’ll need discipline, commitment, ambition and a coach or mentor who will guide you through your blocks, so your can overcome any hurdles that are standing in your way and leap over those blocks and barriers that have been holding you back.

You see if you’re still carrrying patterns of unworthiness, shame, failure, guilt, rejection, sadness, that’s what your going to uncnosciously create.  These patterns are like magnets, attracting similar energies in order to be healed and resolved.  The thing is, most often they go unresolved, despite repeating these lessons over and over again.  What’s really needed is to release the unconcious programming and cellular memory.  You can read more about this work and hear others experience and results on my energy healing page.

If you’re committed to your sucess, if you’re ready for change, if you have a dream, then NOW is the TIME and I’m your Coach/Mentor.  As a Spiritual Intuitive and Healer, I’m known for quantum leaps and rapid results.

Many of my clients are amazed at just what comes up when we do a clearing session, and they’re amazing at the amount of stuff that they’ve been carrrying without even knowing it.  Once they’ve cleared past trauma, conditioning, vows, curses and all kinds of other blocks, they feel lighter, they feel more hopeful because they know they’re on track for a medal, they can see and feel their dreams coming true.   My greatest desire as a coach and mentor is to help you bring your dreams come true.

If you’re ready to dive deep into your unconscious and rapidly clear all your blocks, then your dreams can come true, email me now to find out how you can apply for a complimentary DREAMS COME TRUE DISCOVERY SESSION.

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