5 Top Holistic Business Marketing Strategies & Tips

I went to a fabulous live seminar in London at the weekend of coaches, healers, therapists and psychics, and was amazed how many people didn’t have business cards. How crazy is that? If you want to learn how to market your business, then you can start by reading my 5 top tips below.      

  1. If you’ve not yet got your business cards sorted, vista print have some great options and are very reasonable.
  2. Always carry your business cards with you.  (you just never know!)
  3. Network (yay, that means saying hello and connecting with people, party on!)
  4. Follow up whenever you attend any live events
  5. Attend live events, seminars, training (they’re not just for CPD you know!, I’ve met countless clients, joint venture partners, students and affiliates at live events!)

So there’s my 5 Top Marketing Tips but if you’re like most therapists, coaches and healers I know, you’ll want much more
than that and I have a great resource for you.  Imagine having a whole years worth of marketing tips and business strategies to hand!  Yes that’s right, you’ll have all the best business marketing and strategies, in fact a whole year’s worth of marketing tips and business building strategies when you buy my best selling 365 Business Marketing Strategies , there’s over 200 pages and even better I have a crazy deal for you,  if you like what you see.    Simply go here now and check it out, I know you’ll love it.

Have a question or comment about Business Marketing, I’d love to hear it, simply leave me a comment or question on the blog.

Love and Blessings

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