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As the saying goes, content is King, and a great way for you to reach out and connect with your ideal clients.  But what if you’re stuck for inspiration? Maybe you’ve had a challenging few days as I’ve had recently.  I had to have my beloved 15 year old persian cat Molly put to sleep this weekend, so I’m not feeling my usual inspirational self, but I wanted to reach out to you and offer you some tips for building your business.  I know that many of you struggle with writing your newsletters, blogs etc and sometimes feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do in your business to attract clients.  Here are my top 3 tips.

Your content should be

  • informative
  • inspirational
  • relevant to your clients

Here’s another idea.  You don’t have to go it alone!  You can use google to help inspire you to create content.    I’ve found the perfect infographic.  So today I’m recommending you have a look at this wonderful graphic and allow yourself to be inspired.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

I’d love to know what’s your favourite tip, and when are you going to implement it, so please feel free to connect and comment below.

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