Hi Sweethearts,

Meet Lulu, she’s one of my beloved Birman Cats, she has a brother called Coco and they are my babies.

They’re 3 now.

Coco has always loved the freedom of the cat flap, but Lulu on the other hand, had never quite managed the art of coming in through the cat flap.  she could use it to go out, though if she could coerce us into opening the front door, that was her preference.  She tried coming in the cat flap a few times, we tried helping her through the cat flat, holding the flap open, but she couldn’t get the hang of opening the cat flap and didn’t like the feel of pushing through the cat flap, so she’d sit outside waiting on top of the hot tub, where she knew we could see her if we were in the kitchen or conservatory and would let her in.

A few weeks ago, Coco had come in, but Lulu was still out, I don’t like them being out when it gets dark, so I went to see where she was and saw she was trying to get in the cat flap to no avail.

See here’s the lesson, she was trying. Now we all know that to try is to fail. She’d been trying and failing for 3 years! In fact she’d mostly given up trying!

Suddenly inspired, I grabbed a jerky, she goes mad for these, she’ll come running even if she hears the wrapper being opened. I took the jerky and put it through the cat flap.  One whiff of the jerky and she was overcome with desire, I pulled the jerky back through the cat flap, intent on teaching her how to come through the cat flap.  She sat there waiting.

I pushed the jerky through a second time, waving it in front of her nose. She tried to nibble it, but I pulled it back, suddenly, possessed with courage, determination and an insatiable desire, she plunged head first through the cat flap to be rewarded with the most deliciously satisfying jerkie that she loved.  She licked her lips and I’m sure she smiled.

This was 2 weeks ago, she no longer sits waiting to be let in.

She now has the freedom that was always hers to come and go as she pleases.

When you want it bad enough, you’ll move through hell or high water to get it!

What gets me through my challenges, and those days when I just don’t feel like it?

My biggest inspiration is my purpose and passion. I don’t need anything to motivate me, I love what I do and outsource the rest!  On the days when I’m having a bad day. YES we all have them!   I focus on my purpose, and that sense of joy, freedom, that I feel. I visualise the changes that are happening as a result of everything I’m sharing, the life that I’m living. Gratitude and celebration create more to be grateful for and more to celebrate.

So my question to you is what is your burning desire, your BIG reason why? What would it take for you to move through your fears and create your breakthrough?   Where do you stop yourself from having what you want, because it requires you to be uncomfortable, to face and move through your fears?   What if your fears aren’t real?  What if your unwillingness to be uncomfortable and move through your fear, was the only thing stopping you from having what you want?  Are you willing to be uncomfortable now? Are you ready to push through or would you rather wait or give up, believing it’s not possible for you?   Your beliefs and feelings aren’t truth, so don’t buy your bullshit.  Your dreams are waiting for you to say YES, waiting for you to allow yourself to receive all you desire. Will you?

Want my help and support? Check out my Intuitive Coaching Sessions or Business Strategy Calls, my passion is helping you to breakthrough your unconscious blocks and beliefs to create the life and business of your dreams!

Let us know in the comments how you move through your blocks.

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What was your takeaway? What action are you committing to taking?
Let me know in the comments below.

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