Rebirthing The Goddess

She who cracks you open

Golden Firelight burning from within

She who is the constant companion

Who sees you through thick and thin

She who envelops you From the embryo seed

She who knows your every need

She who glistens like stars in the dark

She who sings in the melody of the lark

She who lights your every dream and desire

She who gives birth as the flames grow higher

She who is guardian of all yoniverses

She who is within you awaiting rebirth

She who is and has always been Omnipotent, Ever present

Yet oft invisible, unseen

She who is known by many names and loved by sages

Revered, Yet denied and neglected through the ages

She who is coming in this moment NOW Through your heart with love

She who flies upon the wings of a dove She who is ready for her time has come

Her Heaven on Earth it’s done, it’s done, it’s done.


Copyright Kimberley Lovell 13/4/2019

This poem was channelled just a couple of days before the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire, as I was surfing online with the Goddess and came across the beautiful Goddess sculpture from the artist/sculptress Maria Luise Bodirsky. (pictured above)

The Notre Dame Cathedral was built on an old Isis/Magdalen Goddess site.  Many of our patriarchal systems are crumbling, for they are not sustainable.  I believe that the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are being balanced and bought into union. I’m sure there is much more to be revealed around this.

The Divine Feminine is rising, as men and women, we are being called to step more fully into our hearts and to more fully embody the path of love, grace, and wisdom as we reclaim our sovereignty, our divine birthright and inheritance, as we once again live more consciously, more lovingly on this planet, in divine harmony with one another.

What energy, space and consciousness can we and our bodies be, to be as sovereign as we truly be? Everything that doesn’t allow that, would you be willing to let that go now and release it to the light?

I’d love to hear your thoughts


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