video marketing strategy and tips with Kimberley Lovell

Video is a great way for you to market and create content and build rapport with your customers.  I recently posted a blog for my  Business Success for Women Entrepreneurs Video Series and thought you might like to learn how to create greater visibility for your brand and your content videos.   

#1 If you’ve already got some videos uploaded on YouTube, simply got to your youtube dashboard, hit playlists and create a new playlist.


#2 Write an enticing title and description. Give it a benefits led title that speaks to your tribe of people.  Remember to include a call to action (perhaps an opt-in offer) and your website link and keywords for your playlist.


#3 Now add your chosen videos to the playlist.  You can put your name in and search for all of your videos and then select the ones you want.  You can order them later.


#4 Now you’re ready to market your playlist in many ways, here’s a few ideas to get you going.


  • Write a blog post and embed your new video playlist
  • Write an article and include in your newsletter, simply cut and paste your blog post and tweak.
  • Use social media to promote your new video playlist. I use hootsuite, so it goes on twitter, facebook, linked in and google plus.
  • Include your video playlist in your signature in emails
  • Share your video playlist in facebook groups and linked in forums


If you’re curious to see how it works, then check out my latest Video Series

Business Success For Women Entrepreneurs Video Series

Theta Healing Video Series


Implement & Take Action

If you’ve read this article and can see the value and benefits then schedule a time to implement, or outsource it to a team member.  If you’re fed up feeling overwhelmed in your business and are ready to monetize your magic and create more grace and ease, or want help with your business marketing, then drop me an email now and let’s see how I can help you create the life and business of your dreams.

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