An old and weary lady went to heaven once day and as the Angels led her through a long passageway, she saw a beautiful light shining from under the door. Curious she asked if she could go in. “Oh, you don’t want to go in there” they said ushering her along. “Why ever not?” she replied. “Well” they said in hushed voices, “of course you are allowed to go wherever you want, but in that room are the most wonderful and beautiful things and we wouldn’t want to upset you.” “Why ever would I be upset”? the old lady replied. “Because” said the angels, in there are all of your hearts desires, all the treasures that you didn’t think you deserved, all of your unfulfilled dreams that you didn’t dare ask for, they were there for you all along.”

Your Higher Self is guiding you and nudging you through your heart and intuition to fulfill your dreams, and live a life you love. Are you ready now to discover your Inner Compass, connect with your Higher Self, and tap into the abundance of treasures that the universe wants you to receive?

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